Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Old photoshoot project...

Hi :)

So about 8 months ago, I helped my cousin Erik out with a project he was doing for his photography class. He needed me and a friend to model for him in a editorial-style photoshoot. He gave us a pretty good sized budget, and we literally thrifted our entire outfits for the shoot! Most of the budget money went to some lovely Urban Decay eyeshadows and liquid liner. Here's some pics from the shoot!

So there you have it :) Some really cool shots came out of it, dontcha think? We had some pretty interesting mishaps while shooting since we shot in an extremely public downtown area. People were definitely staring at the hair... Hehe awk. But it was tons of fun! I hope to do it again with Erik soon.


P.S. All pictures are credited to Erik Avent. Get more info about Erik at

Monday, September 19, 2011

Homecoming Dress

Hey :)

So. My project for the last week was whipping up a dress to wear to my FIRST ever homecoming dance. (Yes, first. Are you shocked? It's cuz I'm a unsocialized homeschooler. ) My sweet boyfriend got me a guest pass and took me to his school's homecoming... I was shocked/delighted/impressed/unimpressed with the dance all at once. :) We went to a delicious place for dinner called True Food Kitchen. We had an awesomely hillarious waiter, tried some vegetables I've never seen or heard of before, and shared a "suprise" entree because we couldn't decide what to order. The actual homecoming dance was a little overwhelming (and maybe a little disgusting, there's my sheltered homeschoolerness coming through) but still really fun.
And my dress was a sucess! I'm proud of how it turned out. I was going for a fitted sweetheart bodice with a slouchy chiffon overlay. Then I did some Navajo-esque beading around the neckline (my first time doing beading. I'm pleased). It was comfy and long enough that I wasn't constantly worried about flashing people on the dance floor. I'll hopefully get some good use out of this dress!

Happy. :)

Got a fabulous suprise haul of something special... I'll do a post on it soon. Yay.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vintage dress HAUL.

Here I am. Late. As usual. Maybe I should stop commenting on how late my posts are and pretend I meant them to be that way... We'll see.
Anyhoo. (Who else feels like the word anyhoo is really awkward? Me! Yet I used it. Why.) I got a huge beautiful vintage haul from my trip to finland from my great aunt! I'm super excited  to wear these lovelies. Enjoy.

The very last dress is much too long for me and I needed a cool finland-gift for Deanna , so that one now belongs to her.
Love! I'm exhausted from rehearsals and class and school. Time for bed. :)

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