Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vintage dress HAUL.

Here I am. Late. As usual. Maybe I should stop commenting on how late my posts are and pretend I meant them to be that way... We'll see.
Anyhoo. (Who else feels like the word anyhoo is really awkward? Me! Yet I used it. Why.) I got a huge beautiful vintage haul from my trip to finland from my great aunt! I'm super excited  to wear these lovelies. Enjoy.

The very last dress is much too long for me and I needed a cool finland-gift for Deanna , so that one now belongs to her.
Love! I'm exhausted from rehearsals and class and school. Time for bed. :)


  1. gah!!!! These are so so so amazing!!!! My favorite is the black maxi dress with the sailor-esc collar! It's seriously divine! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!

  2. Ugh! THAT BLACK DRESS IS BEAUTIFUL! Please wear it all the time! And BTW your hair is getting long... cut it off. All of it!


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