Friday, August 26, 2011

Have you ever noticed...


So lately I've been noticing things that happen to me consistently and are odd or interesting or annoying. And I've been noticing said things, and then wondering if other people notice them too or if it's just me... Which would be awk. (Awk is short for awkward, if you didn't get the memo.)

Have you ever noticed:
-When you put your earbuds down (like for an ipod or something)on a flat surface in a completely spread out manner, and they aren't tangled at all, and then you don't touch them and leave for an hour or so, and then you come back and they're completely tangled. No reason. Just, you know. In a knot.

-How fitting-room lighting can instantly make you look hideous, no matter how good you thought you looked when you left the house? It's like, you would think they would want to make you look better in the clothes so you would buy them... But nope. Fitting-room lighting is not flattering.

-How fruit tastes so much better if you stop to think about how pretty it is? Like really, fruit is so yummy, and sometimes I forget how yummy it is and I have to stop and stare at it for a little while and go wow. I am eating the outside of a seed. And it tastes amazing.

-How foreign people just automatically make clothes look more fashionable? Like I'll see a foreign person and wonder how they are pulling off the highwaters and whitey-tightey tennis shoes (not knockin the whitey-tighteys! I've seen some urban-cool ones.) and then I'll realize ohh, yep. That's why. They're foreign, so they can wear anything. 

And that concludes Have You Ever Noticed... for today. :) 

Thanks for reading! Tomorrow (hopefully) I have a super amazing post coming up. My great aunt in finland gave me a hugeeee beautiful haul of vintage dresses and I can't wait to show them...  


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  1. This is so funny Kierna! Also I am DYING to see the haul of dresses you were bequeathed!


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