Monday, March 7, 2011

Renaissance Festival Prettiness.


So yesterday I went with Deanna and a bunch of my family to the Renaissance Festival. (Tricky word to spell! I had to look it up...) So many great performers are there and such beautiful things to buy!
We had lots of fun and I ate waaaay too much.

We found this amazing clock in one of the booths and my sweet grandmother snatched it up for me! I love it so much :)
It's an old fashioned wind-up clock and I can't remember how to work them... I'll have to play around with it to figure it out.

My (and Deanna's!) auditions on Friday night went amazingly well and we got callbacks the next day for two characters. The cast list is supposed to be posted sometime today and I'm having a seizure trying to wait for it...

Hopefully I'll be back soon with cast-list news and a pretty new project!



  1. Gahhhh I totally know what you mean about cast list jitters. Its always the worst part of auditioning! Haha. Hope you guys get amazing parts! Ohhh and the renaissance festival sounds awesome. That is SUCH a cute clock. :)

  2. Oh my! what a lovely clock! I can't wait to hear what part you got!!!! AHHH!!!! So exciting!


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