Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shelf and Mirror makeover

Hey guys!

Tuesday's project was to makeover my mirror/getting-ready-in-the-morning area, and also spruce up my bookshelves which were very bare. I already had a few pieces and ideas I wanted to try, but I went on a thrifting run and found the perfect pretty things to finish these spaces!

Here's how my mirror area looked before:

And here's my makeup and jewelry... On the floor...

Ta da! I finally switched out my awful wavy mirrors for a sweet little vintage one that I already had at my house. I put all my makeup in a little cabinet my grandma picked up for me at a thrift store, and then my styling tools I put inside a vintage bread box I found while thrifting. I collaged on some coat hangers and put them on the wall for my go-to purses and placed my jewelry-tree on top of the bread box.

The best part is... Organized. Ahhhhh.

My bookshelves aren't quite as dramatic a change, but I took apart a bedside lamp that I use every night and placed it inside a vintage birdcage I found while (big surprise) thrifting. I found some pretty frames to put on the wall and utilized the space on top of my bookshelves to store my typewriter...

I found this pretty book and cedar box while out thrifting with Deanna. The book is breathtaking, it's an autograph book from the 1930's and it is full of writing to someone named Mimi or Marie. I think she was called both, because everyone who wrote to her called her one or the other. It's so magical to read sweet little notes from so long ago! It makes me want to know who Marie was and what her story is. I wonder if she's still alive...

Be back in awhile with another project. :)
Here comes the weekend!
P.S. Cast list is up, and happy news: I got Cinderella! So blessed and excited to be part of this show. I literally can't wait for rehearsal this weekend...


  1. Wow!!! I am in awe! I can't wait to visit your room soon! It is literally perfect and divine!!! you have the most amazing thrifting luck! <3

  2. Your bookshelves look AMAZING! And that birdcage is so cool! Oh and CONGRATS ON GETTING CINDERELLA!!! So exciting!!! The only horribly terrible news is I can't come to see you and Deanna be amazing because I'm in a show the same weekends. Which totally STINKS. :(

  3. thanks guys! And awww Julia that's such a bummer. What show are you doing?


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