Friday, July 8, 2011

And she comes crawling back...

It has been three months since I last posted...
That's pretty lame.
Well, I'm back now, armed with a beautiful new Canon Rebel T1i and a plan to not fail my fellow bloggers again. No matter how few they are, or how they've given up on me.

No but really, I am back and plan to post consistently again! I will be back tomorrow, with a  Ten Things I'm Excited About This Month post.
 For now, a few test pictures with my lovely new camera...

See you soon, blogosphere. Really.


  1. YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Heeheeheeheehee. I <3 You... the end.

  2. gahhhhh!!!! I am dying because of the beauty and clarity of these pictures!!!!! Happy! Also the picture second from the bottom looks like a beautiful piece of clothing! :)

  3. these pictures are so cute!! love them, love your blog :)



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