Monday, July 18, 2011


So the drama camp I did during the whole month of June was an amazing, thought-provoking experience. I and about 40 other campers went on a journey together through our fears, inhibitions, and hopes to create a truly unique show.

The process that we went through together was complicated and at times kindof insane, (lets play the trust-fall game together for an hour, but instead of just falling from a standing position, let's climb on each other's shoulders!) but it was so freeing to simply trust. We all took a huge risk and put ourselves out there, we searched for and found a strangely deep trust in people that we hardly knew outside of camp.

Creating our own show involved hours of brainstorming, improvisation, writing, journaling, working together in groups, working alone, tears, laughs, and flat-out craziness as we all came up with matierial that was brought out of who we are as people.

Our show theme was Masks. We all put on masks every day, masks to change who we are, to hide, to make ourselves look better or look worse, to fit in, to stand out, to be someone other then ourselves. As we fought as campers to take off our own masks for each other, we each found a little more of who we are and TRUE beauty and honesty emerged.

It was a risk, for all of us, since what if you take off your mask and the true you isn't enough?
I think that's the biggest struggle for me. What if I'm not enough?
Not pretty enough.
Not talented enough.
Not funny enough.
Not smart enough.

But going throught this camp affirmed something in me that I've known my whole life, something that takes practice and bravery to truly believe: That I AM ENOUGH. My true beauty comes from unique manifestation of God in Kierna, and even though I still don't have it down-pat, even though sometimes I still put on a mask or lose my way, I'm getting closer to fully realizing my true identity.




  1. This was so wonderful to read Kierna! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful piece of writing! Oh my gosh and the picture at the end is like the most wonderful beautiful thing I have seen in a long time!!!


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