Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ten Things I'm Excited About This Month.

This summer has been lovely so far. Actually, the last three months when I've been M.I.A. have been amazing. I had a wonderful time rehearsing and performing a production of Cinderella, in which I not only was given the chance to perform as Cinderella but also worked on the costume comittee and got to make my own costumes! (A post on that process later...)
After that, I got to be involved in a 3 week drama camp where, with the help and guidance of our brilliant director, I and my fellow campers wrote and produced our OWN show. A life-changing experience.
Now I have the next two weeks to veg out and create/chill with friends/catch up on things that got pushed aside during the past three crazy months, and then on the 23rd of July, guess what?! I leave for a 2 and 1/2 week long trip to Finland! Which brings me to my 10 things. Here we go.

1. Finland Trip. YES.

2. Re-igniting my joy for blogging.

3. Reading amazing fantastic lovely books like The Help, by Kathryn Stockett.
(Plus, There's a movie coming out! Yay!)

4. This.

5. Sewing myself a formal dress, just for the fun of it.

6. Reading my Bible, getting to know my Father in heaven better.

7. Starting a Dream Journal.

8. Not drinking ANY soda! (Deanna, my BFF, is doing it with me. Wish us luck, we're 9 days into the month and so far we're both clean!)

9. Messing around with my lovely new Canon Rebel T1i.

10. Waiting/looking to see what new shows are being put on this next year by different drama groups here in the valley! (So far I'm looking at Les Mis, Alladdin, and The Pajama Game... )

What are YOU looking forward to this month?


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  1. If I can comment even though I'm not a teenager, then I'm gonna'! You sound so busy and have quite the exciting life! Loved your performance in Cinderella!

    I don't know that I have 10 exciting things this month but, I'm prepping to teach at my second art retreat for this year, coming up in a few weeks. I'm vending also. I'm still getting things ready to sell and have been rust dying fabric! Planning to start a new painting and make some hand-bound journals too. Oh, and I'm working in with the little ones at church on Sunday's for the summer and have little Cillian in my class! What a fun little guy! Hoping to take my boys up to Prescott for a day trip too. That's the fun stuff from someone much older than you! LOL!


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