Friday, February 4, 2011

The birds are harmonizing with me.


I'm in a princess mood today.
I've you've been in a princess mood, you'll know what I mean...
I want to wear a huge dress and sing and bend down on my knees to talk to little children in a sing-song voice. I want to do chores with a good attitude and and have the city burst into song with me when I go out shopping.
Prince Charming wouldn't be bad either. :)

Take a look at these breathtaking pictures by Annie Leibovitz for Disney. They're of various celebrities portraying classic Disney characters. So beautiful and creative!

Drew Barrymore as Beauty.

Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella.

David Beckham as Prince Phillip.

Julianne Moore as Arial, Michael Phelps as a merman.

Julie Andrews as the fairy from Pinocchio, Abigail Breslin as a fairy from Disney Fairies.

Rachel Weisz as Snow White.

Zac Efron as Prince Phillip and Vanessa Hudgens as Aurora.

Jessica Biel as Pocahontas.

My favorite is Snow White. Those animals look so sweet and gentle! So amazing. :)

Weekend, here I come!



  1. I LOVE these photos! I personally LOVE how they did Beauty and the Beast, but Snow White's a close second favorite.

    <3 Deanna

  2. These are so beautiful. I love Disney I'm so glad I found your blog because I had no idea about these!

  3. Aren't they pretty? Thanks for commenting, you guys! :)



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