Friday, February 11, 2011

My weekend project and a panic moment on Wednesday evening.

Hello, everyone! :)

I have an exciting project this weekend... A photoshoot with my photographer cousin!

I'm not gonna tell you much about it yet, but here is part of what the photoshoot entails:

This dress...

And this one, which isn't even completed enough for me to show you a picture.

The blue one isn't finished either, hence the pins. I have alot of work to do today. :)

My beautiful friend Ali will be wearing the Navy Blue one, and I'll be wearing the sketched one. I'm really excited!

The shoot also involves this... Yay! The color is Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Fire and Ice. It's the perfect vibrant red that has an almost neon look to it. I've been searching for the right color and finally found it!
And now for the Wednesday emergency. On Wednesday evening, at 8 o'clock, I swallowed a pin.

No, really. I did.
Here's what happened:
 I was happily watching a movie with my family, enjoying their company and working on the bodice of my dress, unaware of the imminent danger. I was holding a pin in my teeth, (everyone does that! We all do that, don't we?) and something funny happened so I laughed. I breathed in so sharply while laughing that I literally sucked the pin into my throat! It was plastic end first, so it didn't poke me or anything, but I froze and tried to decide what to do. If I tried to cough it up, it might hurt me or even get lodged in my throat which would have been bad. But I didn't want to swallow it! While I sat motionless with a look of shock on my face, pondering the correct action to take, the pin went down my throat. Nice.
I then informed my father that I had just swallowed a pin. After assuring him that no, I was not joking, we all piled into the car and rushed me to the ER. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! It felt so ridiculous! I had never ever thought of such a thing happening. After waiting for a few minutes and trying not to move, lest the pin puncture my stomach, I was seen by a few nurses. They laughed with me and didn't seem too worried, so I calmed down. I got an x-ray and there was the pin in my stomach! The nurses talked to a doctor to decide what to do since they have never heard of such a thing happening, and because of the location of the pin in my stomach they decided to simply let it "run it's course"! I asked if there was any danger of it poking me on it's way through my digestive system or getting stuck, and they said no way. It's not possible.
Wow. Crazy. I had no idea that this was actually possible, let alone that it was practically safe to let a pin travel my digestive track!

I definitely felt like a God moment happened during this crazy thing, because there was a chance that my father wouldn't have been there that Wednesday evening and I and my brother would have been alone when I swallowed the pin! Thank you God, that I am safe and that my father is so incredible at handling emergencies. :)


P.S. I will no longer be holding pins in my mouth while sewing. Ever.

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  1. I am literally in love with the way the navy dress is turning out!!!! :) I CANNOT wait to see both of them finished!


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