Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Valentine's day weekend.

Greetings, everyone!

Happy (late) Valentine's Day.
One of my friends told me he doesn't think singles should celebrate Valentine's Day because it's only for couples... He would be wrong! Valentine's Day, to me, means a day where you tell all the important people in your life that you love them! I spent the day with my family, eating chocolate and laughing with them, and making Valentines/letters for friends. I dropped a Valentine off at Deanna's house, and went to drama class in the evening where I gave all my other sweet friends their letters.

Deanna's Valentine had a bottle of banana yellow nail polish attached to it. She was pining for that color so I picked some up when I went shopping :)

On a different and exciting note, I spent the Sunday before Valentine's day with Deanna and she found the perfect cruiser bike for $40 bucks! She had been looking for a cruiser for awhile because she didn't have one, and was planning on spending $400 dollars on one from Urban Outfitters... And then bam! We were driving home from a movie, and someone was having a yard sale. We stopped because right in the middle, glowing in the sunlight, was her lovely bike. Yes.

Here we are, windblown and I looking slightly drunken... (No worries, we did not imbibe any alcohol.)

Happy Valentine's weekend! Hopefully a pretty paper bird D.I.Y. coming soon... (My very first D.I.Y.!)



  1. OH MY GOSH THAT IS THE CUTEST BIKE!!!! Haha sooo jealous! I can't believe someone would say that you shouldn't celebrate Valentines Day if you're single. Thats just sad. Everyone should celebrate Valentines Day because its about showing love to all the important people in your life, not just a significant other. :)


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