Friday, January 7, 2011

Current Projects

Hey. :)

So as fellow creative people, I'm sure you all know how it is to have fifty billion projects going on at once. This is me, so I decided to narrow it down to five.

Project #1. Sewing a pretty scarf for my Aunt with chocolate brown velvet and this gorgeous vintage trim.

Project #2. Going through my wardrobe and re-inventing/altering things that may be a little too loved to wear. :)

Project #3. Making jewelry again. This isn't really a single project as much as a group of them... I used to make jewelry a few years ago and filtered off since sewing became bigger. I have a ton of pretty vintage necklaces that my grandmother gave me (yay for grandmas with vintage things to give you!) and am looking forward to finding a brave new use for them.

Project #4. Re-doing my room! Found this chair at a thrift store,

 which will be my color inspiration, and this stack of suitcases which I desperately wish I could use in real life.

Tomorrow I hope to get my shipment of this (courtesy of

                                                        up on my walls. I'm really excited.

Project #5. Turn these vintage tablecloths into pretty spring dresses for myself. (Spring is only two months away! It's important to be prepared. )

Hope you had a lovely day!

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