Monday, January 31, 2011

Quick fix: Straw hat.

Hello all :)

So I thrifted this hat for two dollars a couple weeks ago, but the brim of the hat just felt a little bulky to me and it had black ribbon glued onto it which I didn't love. I knew I could fix it really easily (which is why I bought it anyway) and here's how it went:

This is how the hat looked originally.

I loved the big bow but didn't like the ribbon brim...

So I cut it off with my trusty sewing scissors. They're probably gonna need to get sharpened now.

Then, to keep the hat from doing this...

I put a thin line of hot glue around the whole edge of the hat.

Ta da! The whole thing took me like ten minutes and I'm so glad I bought this hat. I can't wait to wear it with vintage dresses in the summer!

Off to drama class where I will sing and act with my friends :)


  1. Ahhhhh! I am so jealous of that hat! I think I might copy you and find one to alter for myself.

    <3 Deanna


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