Friday, January 14, 2011

Thrifting: Today's finds and my top 5 thrifting tips.

Hello, Everyone!
Today's friday. Yay. :)
I spent a few hours shopping at my local Saver's today, and was thinking about how thrift shopping can be really exhausting and frustrating if you haven't spent alot of time at it. There are certain rules that I've learned to follow after years and years of thrifting, and today I will share my top five with you guys! 
Rule # 1. Don't look at clothing sizes when you're thrifting.
I know this seems crazy, but most of the time stuff is super unorganized because people don't put things back where they go... I've found some of my favorite clothing treasures in sizes completely on the other side of the spectrum from mine! Also, vintage sizes are alot larger then modern ones.

Rule # 2. Don't be afraid to buy things that need small alterations.
Emphasis on small... That doesn't mean buy a dress that's ten sizes too big because it's cute, then spend tons of time fixing it. But things like 80's dresses with shoulder pads? No problem! It takes like three seconds to cut shoulder pads out, and then voila! A super amazing vintage dress for WAY cheap. Other alterations that I make often to things I thrift are taking up hems, fixing small tears in seams, or getting out stains. (ew, I know. The things we do for beauty.)

Rule # 3. Look for quality in whatever you buy! Most of the things at thrift stores have already seen lots of use, so it's not at like a normal store where the item has lots of life left in it. Look for clothing and furniture that feels strong or weighty (for some reason heavy things usually are better quality!) and steer clear of things that only have a few uses left.
Rule # 4. Search everywhere. Treasures are found in the most unlikely places, so don't be afraid to search the Men's t-shirt section (Hello, shirtdresses!) or, as one of my friends taught me, the little boy's formal wear. (She found the cutest vest.)

Rule # 5. And lastly, thrifting takes time. Give yourself at least a few hours if you really want to find something good... Glancing at a few t-shirts isn't likely to find you what you want!

Hope this was useful :) Have a great friday, everyone!

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  1. thrifting is so calming for me. i love the chase and hunting of vintage!


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