Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project room redo!


So over the weekend I've made TONS of progress on my room interior. I picked up my shipment of fake brick paneling from Lowe's on saturday. (Fake sounds not so good... Should I say faux? Hmmm.) Then my best friend and I worked together to put it on the wall! It was pretty easy, since my dad coached us through the whole process... I think we would probably have failed without him though. Yay for construction-savvy dads! Here's a picture of the final product. I'm really embarassed of the drift of stuff that is visible in the bottom half of this... But hey. There was construction going on, I have an excuse. Right?

The second sucessful part of my weekend happened on sunday, when I went out to do various errands. I decided to check one of my favorite antique stores that's close to my house for a bookshelf to go in my room. I've been looking for one for quite a while, and it seems dumb now that I think about it since it's just a bookshelf! I mean really, how hard is it to find a cute bookshelf? I was hoping to find a corner shelf because the space I wanted to fit it in was... Well... A corner. And so I was shopping, and then, BAM. I had the best idea. I decided to buy three small pieces and stack them on top of each other! They didn't match, which made them ten-thousand times better... Oh yes. So I purchased the three pieces I wanted (for great deals, I might add!) and set them up in my room. I'm so glad I found these!

Now to just find the perfect cool things to put on/around these shelves. This is my favorite part of a room re-do... When you're done looking for the big stuff and can just keep an eye out for anything small that might add to your room. Yay.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. lovelovelove... megalove. Such a great idea, and perfect colors! <3


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