Sunday, January 30, 2011

Such freedom.

Hey. :)

Dance is such a beautiful expression.
I think dance is one of my favorite forms of art, along with singing and acting.  My best friend and I talk sometimes about how dance is about the most basic form of expression there is. It doesn't require materials or mediums. It doesn't even require language. It's just movement, raw emotion stemming from being.
Dance has been around for thousands of years. It's part of every culture, every ethnicity,  like a connecting thread that is humanity.
Dance can be an incredible gift. When I see a beautiful dancer, it touches a piece of me that makes me want to dance. I literally find myself twitching to move.
Dance inspires us to feel, to express, and to be open and receive other people's expression.
What an amazing piece of life God gave us in dance. :)

Mikhail Baryshnikov is one of the most brilliant ballet and modern dancers of all time.

Martha Graham was considered the Picasso of modern dance.

And me :) Not a Picasso in the least. But a girl who loves to express her Creator in many ways, including dance.


P.S. How do you like to express yourself?


  1. =D You should teach me how to do the thing you did with the last two pictures! Love this post!

    <3 Deanna

  2. Thanks, I will! It was super duper easy. :)


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