Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ten things on my Really Extensive Wishlist

Hi :)

Here's ten gorgeous things that I've been wanting... Enjoy.

#1. A digital SLR camera like this Canon EOS 40d. Ahhh, I want a good camera so bad! I'm saving my money...

#2. A jewelry tree like this one from Anthropologie. Pretty and so useful!  

#3. Cutout wedges like these from UO.

#4. Chalk markers  for my chalkboard! Whenever I go to Starbucks and see their fun chalk drawings I think of these. :)

#5. Cafe string lights  for my backyard. I just love these!

#6. The next Nancy Drew game. This is my guilty pleasure... Play as Nancy Drew in numerous adventures where you solve a crime and save the day! Yes. I can't wait until the next one comes out.

 #7. Some quirky sunglasses like these. So fun... :)

#8. This Betsy Johnson dress. It's so cute and versatile!

#9. Patterned tights. I can't get enough of them! No matter how many pairs I have, I always feel like I need more.

# 10. A bow tie for my dog. I think this is maybe the cutest thing in the world. I always feel slightly guilty whenever I dress up my dog... But I think he likes it.

Happy Wednesday! 

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