Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pretty things I bought at SAS

Hello all! 

I made a SAS run the other day and brought home waaaaay more then I intended too. (If you're a girl, this is pretty much your life anyway...) SAS is a fabric outlet that sells tons of creative materials for extremely cheap. It's where I get all my fabric, but I also go there for ribbon, beads, and wacky people. :) 
 I didn't take  pictures of the inside of SAS because I wasn't sure if I'm allowed too... But next time I'm there I'll be sure to ask.
Here is some of my SAS haul and what I plan to use it for.

Metal zippers. I love them. They look amazing in dresses or skirts, but these particular zippers were destined to go into some pillow covers I was working on. (I'll post about those lata!) At SAS they have zippers in these huge cardboard bins and they're not even in packaging! So you just plunge your arms in and pull out the zippers you want, at the meager price of .25 cents. Yes.

This gorgeous light pink ribbon. Why did I buy so much of it? Because SAS was having a sale where you could get whole bags of it for $1.00. Bam.

This light blueish fabric. I plan to make a formal dress out of it, I love the weird shine to it that is almost reminiscent of an animal print.
It was quite funny when I bought it... I was getting it cut, and the man who was helping me asked what I was going to make with it and when I explained "a dress" and he gave me the weirdest look.
"Do you know this is outdoor fabric, ma'am?" He asked. Haha. Yes, I did know that. I like to use upholstery or outdoor fabric sometimes when I'm making dresses because the fabrics have a lot of structure and weight to them. It was funny to see the guy look at me so oddly, though. :)

Beads! SAS sometimes has them and sometimes doesn't, but whenever I see some there I snatch them up.

Happy weekend, everyone!


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